As I reflected on my experiences within a varied client history, memories rushed forward, revealing ways that clients had been served in the evolution of their individual lives. A number of different themes could have become the topic for this presentation. I chose the theme of PERSPECTIVES. My hope is that you find yourself connecting in ways that best serves you.

Following today’s presentation, if you wish to further investigate today’s theme, I offer you a free consultation of one hour. Please give me your name, email address, and availability, and I will coordinate a time. (REPEAT)

During an earlier Open Circle meeting someone asked: How can we integrate Mental health with Body health? Let me illustrate today how you can do this.

My earlier scientific training in clinical and developmental psychology encouraged deep exploration into human complexity. From this, I assumed that some complete explanatory system had already been developed to reflect human energy depth and inter-relatedness. I undertook a search to find a system, and reviewed everything available.

Many systems claimed to do this. But, they did not! They were too simplistic, too general, or just incomplete. I could not find an existing system that satisfied my requirements, even in psychology.

Of all the approaches reviewed, the system of professional astrology (with its cycles within cycles) came closest. So, a valued professional colleague and I ventured into the creation of astrological-psychological test measures. I hoped it would reveal human intricacy in some direct, simplifying, and practical way.

The venture resulted in an enormous volume of test materials that were highly informative, but far too cumbersome for anyone to use as a concise, straight-forward, efficient, and objective measure. It was a valuable broadening experience, exposing me to new possibilities that I would not have otherwise considered. But increased complexity was the opposite of what I was looking for.

To continue this hunt, I could, in the end, miss the forest while being intensely focused on the trees and their branches. I am grateful to have been saved from such a fate by Meditation which turned me completely around.

In April 2002, during formal meditations, which I had performed somewhat regularly over 30 years, my focus was drawn away from the minutia of earlier scientific training, and was reoriented toward a much larger picture; the Creation. My perspective shifted 180 degrees toward a multidimensional even infinite Creation, where form is derived from real creative power, the manifestation of anything and everything from nothing: a viewpoint largely lost on science. My new perspective became “unity with the Divine”.

Now, almost 20 years later, profound meditations continue to astound me. I learned that everyone can have access to magnificent Creative Power by unifying with the Source, Who was introduced to me as LIFE Itself, as God who speaks with multiple voices, and as Creator of All, (which I later termed LIFE for simplicity).

I also learned that achieving conscious unity with my Source involved action on my part: (1) a willingness to open my heart to unlimited possibilities (those I want, as well as those I don’t want), and (2) a willingness to form from these possibilities, the probabilities and solutions that are in the very highest and best interests of all concerned, including myself. This combination of actions was explained as a new kind of love, appropriate for an imminent planetary energy transformation, which involves every person and every living thing, with the reward of Ascension. From these meditative experiences, personal principles of living were summarized and detailed in two recent Amazon books: The Ascension Perspective, and Karma Transformed.

I continued to respect what I had learned from scientific training, as well as the venture into professional astrology. But it was clear now that a scientific reductionist analysis of human complexity did not offer what I was looking for. So, I pulled back from an immersion into the details.

To retain what I had learned from this immersion, another Amazon book was published, titled Too Much Too Little Just Right, now in its second edition. The book takes complex human design and applies it to practical daily functioning. For those who respond to daily issues in extreme ways, sixty practical applications help the reader find a middle way of balanced living on planet Earth.

Personal, life-changing, meditative experiences continue for me to this day. LIFE mentored my move away from an intricately-detailed understanding of human nature toward a crisp perspective, which I share with you today.

I have become increasingly alert to the grand difference between logically-derived, detailed knowledge and inspirationally-derived, global knowledge. I now cherish inspiration as my new method of choice!

I also realized that the human being displays an amazing energy integrity. This means that changing any one aspect of a person affects everything else, which I came to know as the Energy Body (or AURA) effect.

Considering this, I challenge you to think with me as we discuss how a simpler, broader, more inclusive perspective better explains the complexity of human beings. First, let’s define terms.

I suggest that a person taken as a whole be called a Self. (Consider the terms mySelf, yourSelf, and ourSelves). Within the Self are four beautifully-integrated aspects consisting of Soul energy, Brain energy, Mind energy, all contributing to Body energy. See today’s handout.

There is a completely aware, already-whole, “being” alive within your Self, which I call Soul energy, our core being. It is our primary power source, composed of two united aspects: The pure SOURCE Creative energy of LIFE Itself, our reason for existing, combined with individualized TEMPERAMENT energy, our distinct identity and will, with earlier conditioning brought forward from lives past (called Karma).

Notice that Soul energy, your core being, a real part of you, is already whole! This uncompromised, whole being within you knows Truth, knows what to do at all times, and can guide you through the maze of life. Let it become your guide!

This energy wholeness of SOUL is the basis for natural and total healing of BODY. The successful transfer of pure Soul energy to physical Body for its maintenance and healing, is essential! (Repeat) This is because energy wholeness of Soul is the basis for natural and total healing of Body. Our entire wellbeing is dependent on the cellular state of our physical Body. Consider that physical Body has been designed to heal itself, to be completely self-replenishing! In fact, consider that there may be no planned obsolescence! Can you believe that?

Also consider how each of us has a very long history of individual choices made with insufficient knowledge, coupled with limited perspective. We rely on these partial truths, repeatedly reinforced and multiplied over vast periods of time. We use them as our best source of information. (REPEAT)

Unfortunately, accumulated partial truths over time create well-established non-truths, which act as filters to our energy supply. These filters within both Brain and Mind downgrade the essential transfer of Soul energy, our power, to physical Body. This creates physiological dis-ease over time! (REPEAT)

The truth will set you free”, takes on a new meaning in this context.

Even though physical Body is smart, it can only flourish with our help. When transfer of essential Soul maintenance energy is short-circuited by Brain and Mind filters, the Body energy field suffers and Body functions deteriorate. For Body health and general wellbeing, elimination of Brain and Mind filters becomes primary!

Whenever any healing is required, we are told to ask for “wholeness of Self”. The interplay of energies between Soul, Brain, Mind and Body is too intricate and too complex for anyone to try to manage. Wholeness of Self is the recommended focus.

We are in charge of our life energy and how we use it. When we hold the conviction that energy wholeness is our true state of being, this directly reduces our vulnerability, protecting us from dis-ease. Since we need to energize our health, not our sickness, meditate on Body integrity, on being whole. Adopt wholeness as your true state of being!


(Pause) Now back to the Soul. Soul is perfectly suited to answer the question, “How is the music of my life to be played?” Such a question suggests that the aware, already-whole being within Self is the intended primary conductor of a great orchestra within you. Within Self is a multitude of intelligent, skillful energy specialists made up of functioning structures and systems within Brain, Mind and Body, ready to respond to Soul’s lead. (REPEAT)

Every subsystem artist is a master of technique. But they all need leadership! If left to themselves, each would interpret Soul’s music differently. Consequently, without Soul as conductor of all, having a clear intent, the music becomes a cacophony of sounds, lots of noise. (REPEAT)

Brain, Mind, and Body need leadership to conduct the music of daily life in the way it was intended to sound. Only the conductor Soul knows the finest primary intention for Self. The conductor Soul knows best HOW the music of our life is to be performed.  Call on Soul to lead you and to define the best intent for your life. (REPEAT)

For me, the ultimate intention is unity with LIFE! Clarity of intent for your Soul comes through Self’s quality and strength of connection with LIFE through meditation and prayer. A clear intent within Soul makes the music harmonious, and recognizable. Remember that our intent empowers our perspective, and our perspective creates the story.

Reflect for a moment on “What is the chief intent of your Soul?” Ask for clarity. (Pause)

You will find food for Soul within two recent books, The Ascension Perspective and Karma Transformed. Besides explaining important perspectives, they offer principles of living, and guidelines for meditation and prayer, all to improve the quality of the Self’s regular connection with its Source, LIFE.


(Pause) Now, let’s explore Brain, which is largely responsible for the effective functioning and maintenance of Body and its systems. In addition, Brain serves as a transducer of consciousness for both the form and subtle realms of Mind. (A transducer is a device that converts energy from one form to another.) Multidimensional Brain converts Soul’s multidimensional energy into human consciousness!

Brain is a magnificent creation, more complex than anything we know, with more connections than the Milky Way has stars: literally HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS of NEURONS and HUNDREDS OF TRILLIONS OF CONNECTIONS!!

Brain functions with chemicals produced by it. When the chemicals appear and mix, electrical currents are created, measured in frequencies from 0 to 60 cycles per second (or Hertz). Electrical signals within Brain race around at more than A TRILLION PER SECOND!!

About 15 years ago, a therapy called Brainwave Optimization (BWO) was created, a non-invasive method of transforming disturbed patterns in Brain’s functioning. With BWO we can monitor (in real time) all of Brain’s frequencies, and directly influence the balance, harmony, and rhythms by assisting Brain to profoundly relax.

Given the condition of profound relaxation that is produced, Brain heals itself by changing old patterns of behavior! We produce the quieting, and Brain does the work of creating new neural pathways to replace old habits!

Simply put, BWO is a non-invasive process using a few passive electrodes. A computer transforms the electrical activity emanating from the Brain into sound, that is played back to the client in REAL TIME. When Brain hears the sounds that it is producing, it relaxes profoundly, as if to say “I am already doing that, so I can relax.” When it relaxes, new connections occur, making way for new patterns to replace old “stuck” problem patterns. Goodbye PTSD of any kind!

Now we can even go back to the time after conception (!) and affect malformed functioning patterns that resulted within the developing fetal Brain at the time. Patterns of Brain malfunction that a person did not know were there. Perhaps your mother even apologized for unfriendly circumstances that were not helpful to the prenatal development of your Brain. But nothing could be done. Now we can!

As any maladaptive patterns are reinforced, they become automatic within the unconscious portion of Brain function: our habits. With BWO, Brain heals unwanted, automatic, unconscious, formerly-inaccessible low-frequency patterns that store a person’s life experiences. Emotion surrounding the memory is dissolved, preserving the memory. This portrays just how capable Brain is to transform anything it chooses, given the right support.

(Pause) Let’s not forget, there is another major source of influence over Brain’s functioning patterns as well. Mind’s state of health determines the quality of Brain function as well as Body health! When your Mind is evolving, Brain and Body are also evolving. (REPEAT)

In the way that time stops for no one, biological change stops for no one, The direction that Self transformation takes is either toward Life (biological improvement or Ascension), or toward Death (biological deterioration). This is the great polarity of living on Earth. Strong intentions are critical in turning the trend around for ourselves.

Brain faithfully responds to the utterances of Mind, impacting all of the systems of the Body. It does so through the Autonomic Nervous System, which among its many other supportive and practical functions, interprets the presence and quality of threats that Mind perceives.

Threats fall into two major categories. First, are imminent threats (or threats limited to a point in time). Imminent threats are evidenced as anxiety (registered in right brain hemisphere functions as fight or flight responses).

Second are on-going threats (or threats that continue over time, months or even years). On-going threats are evidenced as depression (often characterized as overwhelm, withdrawal, or playing dead, registered in left brain hemisphere functions as freeze responses).

Through the gift of memory, Brain records and stores the history we live. Brain makes special note of persisting anger, anxiety, and depression conditions that can become translated into automatic patterns of response. Brain also makes special note of enduring good-will, joy, and security conditions that can be translated into automatic patterns of response. Our choice!

To reset your system to be stronger than any disease that comes along, allow for communication between all parts of Brain. Focus on whole Brain function, its balance, harmony, and rhythm during meditation. This new integrity, can provide a healing atmosphere for Body. Integrate all of Brain’s capacities toward unity and cooperation. Flood your being with Soul energy and reconstruct neural pathways for complete health. The brain knows what to do.

(Pause) There is much more to be said about Brain, but for today let’s go on to describe Mind as the psychological matrix of Self. Mind includes our perspective, intent, attitude, belief, values, behavior style…Mind makes both concrete and abstract choices, interpreting everyday life as it happens, while reflecting on it as it passes.

Mind derives inspiration from one of two sources: the local flow of everyday life, such as reported by news agencies; or the timeless flow of multidimensional, universal life such as experienced in meditation and prayer. Only this second flow, the timeless flow, is nourishing to Self!

Mind often draws conclusions without sufficient information. Mind relies on the conclusions it has already drawn as being the best information it has. And, it can reinforce that view whether the information supporting it is true or not.

Our perspective on life is skewed by the filtered or limited views we maintain. Perspective becomes formed into a mixture of complete views and the incomplete views that can filter what we hold to be Truth.

On Planet Earth, choice is a gift, and reflects our intent and attitude. The quality of our choices and their outcomes depend on the range of possibilities we entertain. For the value of human choice to be maximized, we need to refresh our perspectives with an approach to life that is open to all (unlimited) possibilities.

All possibilities” includes all of those we want as well as all of those we don’t want…excluding nothing. To recognize that a possibility exists is not the same as aligning with it or encouraging it. (REPEAT)

Limited perspective by Mind creates filters and leads to inferior choices, encouraging extremes, and distorting any potential available. Choosing to consider “all possibilities” expands perspective.

However, opening and expanding your entire energy field toward all possibilities is not common nor easy. For those who aspire to be in unity with Source energy, the Divine, there are three challenging questions that can help us open to all possibilities and influence the probabilities that flow from them.

Challenge One: What do you know?

First, we must come to know, that no matter what the effect, nothing will occur that is outside our best interests. (REPEAT)

Challenge Two: What do you want?

Second, we must want anything to occur that is in our best interests, no matter the consequences. (REPEAT)

Challenge Three: What is your Soul’s intent?

Third, the intent of our Soul focuses the probabilities which flow from the possibilities we include. (REPEAT)

(Pause) Mind relies on Brain for the quality of consciousness that it provides. The better Brain functions, the better the quality of consciousness supplied to Mind, and the better Mind functions. High quality Mind function depends heavily on high quality Brain function. High quality Mind function can ultimately heal the Brain and the Body! Fear lowers quality.

If Brain malfunctions due to a history of trauma (which leaves an imprint of ongoing anger, anxiety, or depression on the frequencies), then quality of consciousness supplied to Mind will be out of balance, out of harmony, and/or out of rhythm.

This means that Mind will function in a distorted fashion. Our penitentiaries are filled with malfunctioning Brains and Minds, both of which can change! Research by Brain State Technologies at Nevada State Penitentiary shows how inmates’ brain function, attitudes, and behavior, can improve, a measured 50% improvement over a period of 3 months, given the conditions that BWO provided.

(Pause) Brain constantly listens to Mind for direction, and adapts immediately. Brain believes that what Mind says is its best source of information about the momentary psychological welfare of the person. In response to information Mind supplies, Brain directs Body to respond accordingly.

Our Body health depends on Mind’s perspective! Thus, when a dis-ease process appears in the Body, a focus on healing the Mind becomes more important than a focus on healing Body! (REPEAT)

The perspective maintained by Mind determines the emphasis taken by Brain. Brain malfunction is largely a product of a distorted Mind energy field. Whether Brain spends time adjusting and balancing itself depends on the wholeness intent of Mind’s focus. Mind’s intent and perspective on wholeness is a strong indicator of Brain health. Transformation of Mind ensures a wholeness future for Brain and Body. (REPEAT)

In contrast, Mind pays little attention to Brain functions unless some injury or dis-ease dictates that attention be given to Body and its welfare. Mind assumes that Brain is intelligent enough to know what it is doing.

Fortunately, Brain has the remarkable capacity to change itself, given the right relaxation conditions. Non-invasive techniques like BWO help Brain change itself, moving the Body toward wholeness.

The same is true for Mind and its tendency toward automatic ways of thinking about life. Powerful psychological measures and techniques can quickly and permanently shift a person’s perspective, transforming and renewing Mind patterns.

Both Brain and Mind can become unstuck from repeating past patterns, and can make better use of wholesome, less-filtered Soul energy. Body can then become whole. One of the graces of life is that Brain as well as Mind and Body, all have the capacity to heal themselves when we transform the partial-truth energy filters. We must believe that they can, by operating with a wholeness perspective. (REPEAT)


(Pause) In closing, I hope that you will each find the topic of Perspectives to be meaningful in your understanding of the energy basis for our splendid complexity. And hopefully, I have contributed to your understanding of how to answer the question about integrating mental (Mind) health with physical Body health, using this topic of Perspectives.

I pray that the condensed view of ourselves offered here (Soul, Brain, Mind, Body) becomes a useful and meaningful tool for you as you navigate daily life. Thank You.