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Brain Dynamics offers a wide array of services, including Brainwave Optimization™, psychological counseling, meditation training, clinical testing and EMDR. We offer services to youth (teenagers) and adults, as well as couples and families. Everything is designed within a wholeness perspective. Our services support health and well-being of your mind, brain, body, and soul, diminishing any challenges arising from:



I have heard every one of these comments repeatedly over some 50 years of professional practice. Do any of them sound like you? If they do, this article may be of interest. Read more.


Anything out-of-the-ordinary catches our attention. We become alert and curious trying to understand why it is out-of-the-ordinary. If our curiosity is satisfied, and we are not being confronted with a dangerous situation, we then relax into our everything-is-as-expected mode. Read more.


Maybe you are one of those people who feel drained of energy most of the time. Even though you have just spent 8 hours under the covers, you still need a boost to get going in the morning. And in the afternoon, you need a nap to finish the rest of the day. Read more.


Unfinished family business seems to come up whether we want it to or not. If we lose faith in ourselves, the stress of dealing with it becomes compounded by the internal stress we are already experiencing. Read more.


While both genetics and environment play a role in our response to circumstances, the experience of emotional or physical trauma often triggers the onset of brain imbalance. The primary control unit for our bodies and our consciousness lies within our brains. Read more.


Everyone has an imagination, developed or not. Everyone is capable of being creative. Everyone. Today, mere survival, though essential, is not enough! Read more.

Speeches and articles

Planetary Transformation and Ascension

MASTERMINDS:  MARCH 10, 2022, 12-2 PM 35-MINUTE PRESENTATION: SENDITO’S RESTAURANT Kelly Randolph Bennett, Ph.D. Dr. Bennett began his career as a musician, an astronautical engineer, later becoming a psychologist and professor. For the last 50 years, he’s used...

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PERSPECTIVES This presentation contains a handout. You can download the handout here. Good morning, AJIJIC! Another beautiful day! One among the many! Glad to enjoy it with you. Please pick up a Learning Aids handout and brochure. It will provide you with a guide for...

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SEPT 2019 Today’s theme I call MOODS. It is one of many themes that have served clients in their search for an improved life. Hopefully, you will find yourself also connecting with this theme, connecting in ways you will find useful as you go about your everyday lives...

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Brainwave Optimization™


When you’re stressed, your brain can get stuck in its response to the stress – like a wheel in a rut in the road. Brainwave Optimization™ is a breakthrough technology that balances, harmonizes and optimizes your brain function. It creates new neural pathways and transforms your old thinking and behavior patterns.

Psychological Services

We offer psychological counseling, meditation training, clinical testing and EMDR for individuals, couples and families. You can set up a visit for traditional mental health therapy in person or via Skype and learn more about yourself through a Personal Energy Profile (PEP) or Myers-Briggs personality inventory (MBTI).

Too Much, Too Little, Just Right

This book will show you:

  • How to stop making bad choices and start making good choices
  • How to transform your relationship with fear
  • How to stop extreme behavior and begin balanced living
  • How to see beyond your life as it is,to how your life can be

The Ascension Perspective

The Ascension Perspective reveals what you always wanted to know about this journey called life and what really matters on planet Earth. During years of profound meditations, Dr. Bennett received spiritual messages intended to prepare mankind for an imminent global transformation of our planet.

Karma Transformed: Fast-Track Your Evolution

For those interested in a conscious connection and unity, LIFE is shortcutting the ancient process–earlier conditioning from lives past, which has been retained and brought forward, called Karma. The pace of evolution can be greatly accelerated for all who open to LIFE. For the first time, the need for long-term cancellation of untoward effects on your soul from numerous previous lives can be eliminated quickly now. This replaces the influence of what was earlier called “natural laws” of Earth. Transformation of primeval Karma takes on new meaning. Learn all about it!

Get To Know Us!

Brain Dynamics is owned and operated by a husband/wife team: Dr. Kelly Randolph Bennett and Ms. Charlie Romney-Brown. Their Brain Dynamics company
 initiated operations in 2000, in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA.
In 2014 Brain Dynamics moved to Cuenca, Ecuador, where they were the only Authorized Brainwave Optimization™ provider in South America.
At the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, Brain Dynamics moved once again
To Lake Chapala, Mexico, again where they alone provide
Authorized Brainwave Optimization™ (BWO) services.
Brain Dynamics offers
reasonable hourly rates for its services
as well as special discounted packages for multiple visits or services.
Special rates are also available for individuals, couples and families.
Dr. Kelly Randolph Bennett has a doctorate in developmental psychology,
a master’s degree in clinical psychology,
and certification in EMDR and BWO.
A registered practice of over 50 years has taken him to the Western United States,
Australia, South East Asia, South America, and now Mexico.
In Ecuador, he was voted “Best Mental Health Therapist 2017+2018”
Four books were co-authored with his wife, “Charlie”:
Too Much Too Little Just Right (2003, 2018)
The Ascension Perspective (2017)
Abre Expande Conecta Sigue (2017)
Karma Transformed (2018)

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