In the repetitive course of our ordinary daily lives, we develop expectations about our movements that permit us to come close to sleepwalking. We take the same routes, we see the same buildings, hear the same sounds, feel the same temperatures, smell the same odors. As long as everything seems the same, the regularity of it all tends to lull us into a complacency that leaves us vulnerable to anything out of the ordinary.


As a result, anything out-of-the-ordinary catches our attention. We become alert and curious trying to understand why it is out-of-the-ordinary. If our curiosity is satisfied, and we are not being confronted with a dangerous situation, we then relax into our everything-is-as-expected mode.


When we are in such a complacent state, unexpected occurrences can confront us. If our mind concludes that this is an out of the ordinary circumstance, not simple to understand, and it could be dangerous, it rivets our attention. The mind’s questioning state alerts our brain to be on guard since there is a mysterious circumstance here. What is going on?


The right brain springs into action, by moving into survival mode, preparing us to save ourselves, to fight or flee. A state of anxiety prevails until our mind sees us as safe,

without the perceived threat. If this is a one-time event, the brain returns to its quieter state. If this is one of many repetitive events that follow onto each other, the brain moves into automatic, developing a trigger sensitivity in preparation for a repeat event.


Over time, the brain gets stuck in this easily triggered, automatic response, what is called traumatic. A level of anxiety or readiness persists, even without an obvious trigger, an expectation that it could happen again. The brain becomes hypervigilant, just in case. Being on constant alert consumes huge amounts of energy, leading to a fatigued state.

Brainwave Optimization (BWO) relaxes the brain to naturally change into more flexible functioning, becoming more balanced, more harmonious, and more rhythmic. The affected areas are quieted since the fearful emotion surrounding the memory has been removed.