MASTERMINDS:  MARCH 10, 2022, 12-2 PM

Kelly Randolph Bennett, Ph.D. Dr. Bennett began his career as a musician, an astronautical engineer, later becoming a psychologist and professor. For the last 50 years, he’s used Clinical, Developmental, and Neuro Psychology, Brainwave Optimization, EMDR, and Meditation to help individuals, families, and businesses thrive. Dr. Bennett lived and worked in the United States, Australia, Southeast Asia, Ecuador, and now resides in Mexico. Four books have been published by Amazon, based on Conversations with LIFE over fifteen years of meditation, collected with his wife, Cheryl “Charlie” Romney-Brown. To contact Dr. Kelly Randolph Bennett please email



Another beautiful day in Ajijic!

Thank you for inviting me to join you this afternoon at the Masterminds luncheon. Everything that I offer you today may be found in one of the books that you see on your handout.

As suggested by you, the subject of my talk today is Ascension. The content of today’s talk results from conversations that I have had with my Source, whom I call LIFE.

At the end of this talk, we will have time for all your questions. Also, I offer a free one-hour consultation to anyone who wishes to continue discussing this topic. Please sign your contact and availability information on this sheet. I will contact you about a time and place.

My interests are broad. I have a formal background in Music, Science (Astronautical Engineering), Religion, Clinical, Developmental, and Neuro Psychology. I have lived and worked in several countries, worldwide.

Let’s spend 30 seconds right now OPENING our whole energy field to all the possibilities and probabilities that can develop because of our being together today.



Soon after establishing a Palos Verdes, California psychological counseling service in the early 1970s, an unexpected interest in meditation surfaced, as it related to individual human evolution and transformation. Transcendental Meditation was popular, so I learned TM and began to meditate.

Some 15 years later, I found myself migrating to Australia! While I was an international business consultant traveling throughout Southeast Asia, with Sydney as my home base, I surprised myself by attending a weekend meditation group.

The weekend group meditations began as inspirational, but they soon became tiring. Fortunately, I began to hear fascinating stories. I grew more curious. The discussions following meditation included sharing ideas, impressions, feelings, physical sensations, voices, and information that came to people during meditation. I sensed an unusual truth and energy within the sharing.

Something took place at these meetings. If I were honest with myself, I had a strong yearning, deep inside, to experience the very same thing. Having observed other ordinary people receiving information from an unknown source, I wondered why couldn’t I?

Fast forward some 10 years later to April 2002, while meditating at home in Santa Fe, New Mexico, suddenly conversations began!  Briefly at first, but most inspiring and instructive, and joyous. I began carefully recording everyone on my computer. My handwriting was terrible. This almost daily experience went on for the next 15 years.

From this extensive collection of thousands of conversations, four books were published by Amazon while we were in Ecuador. They are listed on your handout. Details from today’s talk can be found scattered throughout these four volumes.



Everything that I offer this morning comes from the knowledge supplied by my Source during meditation, self-described as “Life Itself,”God who speaks with multiple voices and has many names,” and “Creator of Everything.” The pronoun “We” or “Us” was used to represent the multidimensional way in which my Source exists and operates, using various authoritative voices and physical forms to communicate. Among several titles offered by my Source, I simply use the term LIFE.

For today, in this talk, rather than using various terms I will simply use the term LIFE to represent all the Sources that we connect with during meditation. And, when I quote Them, I will say “quote.”

During meditation, several other individual entities presented themselves as well, including a joyous and well-known personality named Babaji, more than once. At the time I did not know who he was.

How LIFE was described is complex enough to be difficult to outline simply. “We are everywhere and in all, permeating everything that has limits in your four-dimensional world. It is difficult for you who have been immersed in form to think in boundless terms. Let LIFE carry you from form to boundlessness as you go to your hearts to connect with Us. You go to forms, your hearts, to meet with the formless, Us. To simplify matters, think of Us as electromagnetic energy passing through all things, enlivening them as We permeate every element of life.”

LIFE encompasses and permeates all that physically exists in our universe of objects, from the smallest to the largest. Being multidimensional, LIFE also enters other universes that are hard to describe because they differ so much from ours.

When all universes are considered, there are many more possibilities than we can imagine, what we call infinity. Something without end is hard for our minds to grasp. So, LIFE talks with us in probabilities, that are limited to our universe since that is where we live at this time.

LIFE admonished me that a change in perspective is exactly what we need, and our broader perspective must become universal, including all possibilities. The universal is multidimensional.



“You are talking with LIFE, not just anyone. Staying connected means that you have LIFE’s creative power at your disposal, active in your life. Do you understand what that means? Does that not excite you? Do you not want Ascension to be yours? Is that not a motivation to succeed? Success is Ascension.”

“Staying connected with LIFE must become second nature for you, to accomplish Our goals. It is a matter of dedication and priority, not technique. The acceleration of your evolution depends on our connection so that all your energies can be transformed sufficiently.” (See your handout about the SELF energies).

“The connection between us is the priority which must be well established for everything else to work. Given that, your evolution is a key to the new roles you can play. Your evolution will catapult you toward the goal of Planetary Transformation, with Ascension being a marvelous by-product. LIFE wants Planetary Transformation, which ensures your Ascension. Even though they are unitary ideas, be sure to keep the horse ahead of the cart.”

“Our Mission must take priority over everything to succeed. Your success will become our success. The responsibility is great, but so is the power to do it, as well as the rewards for doing it.”



The thousands of chronicled conversations with my Source, LIFE, reflect intent and perspective from the beginning of time, concerning that part of the Creation where we now live, called planet Earth.

Within our conversations, LIFE recounted a plan to realize a unified conscious partnership with all the people on planet Earth. LIFE called this two-part process Planetary Transformation and Ascension. (REPEAT)

In preparation for this partnership, humans were given the gift of complete choice (or self-determination), and the availability of all possibilities (for better, or for worse), a validation of true choice.



LIFE reminded me that I am eternal because I am part of LIFE and can exist in other dimensions or realities in the way LIFE does. For the moment, I individually, along with many billions of others like us, have taken on the restrictions associated with life on Earth. However, this unique planet is special enough for all life in the Cosmos to participate in the process of Planetary Transformation and Ascension.


“Rather than having to reach out for LIFE, We are already here, at all times. You walk with Us. In Our reality, there is no separation, just unity. Therefore, you do not have to create unity, just recognize Our unity with you that already exists and always has. You are an extension of LIFE, not a product separate from LIFE.” (REPEAT)



LIFE is our family of essence, now. You and I are of a universal family, not of some contrived arrangement based on blood connections, called a family on Earth. So, the capacity to connect and align with LIFE is infinite, without limits or conditions, without restrictions of any kind. Can you release yourself as the child of your earthly family and endorse being the child of your universal family called LIFE?

Change your “citizenship papers!” Let yourself do it to reflect how you are now a member of the family called LIFE. This will be a major step in your realization of progress.

Our ultimate potential is with LIFE. Think about it. Doesn’t that open things up? We will become more of a true expression of LIFE until, at some point, the two of us will become indistinguishable. By identifying with LIFE, we can become LIFE, because we are already an expression of LIFE. This way LIFE energy can co-mingle with life on Earth in a very conscious way, being present just as Jesus was physically present, being LIFE Itself in the human environment. Jesus was a model of what was possible, not for worship’s sake, but as an example of LIFE consciously and physically present among us, which is the potential of everyone.



“Planetary Transformation is already here, and it has been for some time. The awful state of things on planet Earth should not be a source of despair but of hope. LIFE is already on the scene bringing about an evolution in the consciousness of humankind.” (REPEAT)

“Planetary Transformation is becoming increasingly important every day. Things are not getting better on their own. They are declining steadily. Every distortion will be exposed at this time in preparation for transformation. Earth’s citizens must become unified in their efforts to do away with energy-destructive activities.”

“One focus of Ours is on changing the basic nature of planetary respect and care. Transformation is an individual responsibility, which can become a mass influence on the regeneration of Earth energy. Collaboration between man and planet will revitalize the Earth’s crust. Earth can then become the paradise it is intended to be.”


“The change process has a pattern. First there is the realization of

what is not in the best interests of the planet. If one stops there, negativity reigns. Next there is the creation of what is better for the planet. This is where imagination comes in. Finally, the more

desirable or better choices replace the less desirable condition,

and become established.”


“To accomplish this effort, you will have LIFE’s energies at your disposal! “LIFE’s intention is transformation, widespread planetary transformation, not restoration. LIFE intends for major change and improvement over the way things have been done, a transformation of the human spirit, a spiritual renewal! This means all humans are of one mind and are conscious participants with LIFE. The harmonious agreement We spoke of earlier will come and will reverberate throughout the cosmos!”


Conscious awareness of the human state is the goal. Then transformation can arise from within each person. Accelerated evolution follows, with a new appreciation of planet Earth and the experience here. So be it.”


“We are not interested in a robot-like response, as you can tell. We want a willing channel and a unity between us that comes from choice. So, in our case, there is nothing automatic about it. We intend to have your energy available for Our use, and for you to have Our energy available for your use. Isn’t that a more effective combination where we combine our energies for accomplishing our goals?”


“We are transforming the state of Planet Earth, changing conditions that exist. Remember that planet life yields to universal Creator LIFE. This makes Planetary Transformation and Ascension possible on Earth. The transformation process has been ordained and will occur no matter what happens. Do you know what it means to have a process ordained by the Creator of all? Good chance it will happen!”


“This is not the first time that LIFE has intervened to accelerate the evolution of planet Earth. Discontinuities in science are evident in the development of humankind (Darwinian Adaptation history) and of the Earth itself (Geological history). But now, it is necessary to incorporate a new concept of transformation, replacing the older process of Darwinian adaptation and of Karma.”


“The unique planet Earth is special enough for all life in its universe to participate in Planetary Transformation and Ascension. Never have We attempted to renew the Earth this way. It is new to Us as well. Therefore, We are watching how matters develop to express Our intent most effectively.”


“Just how We will effect Planetary Transformation is still forming and depends on the roles each devotee ends up playing in the scheme of things, that is with LIFE’s energy transformation of planet Earth. LIFE needs you, and people like you, to be Their vehicles of intervention and healing.”


Whether it is recognized by them or not, every person is already connected with LIFE, unconsciously. To help bring this subtle unconscious connection to consciousness, LIFE downloaded information for me to publish in the form of books (see bibliography).

“These writings will become a vehicle for bringing about a worldwide consciousness. They will help prepare people for Planetary Transformation, which depends on LIFE energy being invited into the lives of all people, a conscious act of choice and inclusion.

“When LIFE speaks of Planetary Transformation, We are talking about a major change in worldwide consciousness, even unbelievable change in some cases. For the planet to be transformed, everyone must be involved. Everyone will be affected in some way, with some more changed than others, but no one will remain unmoved by the message.”

“By Our own rules, LIFE cannot force anyone to do anything, and you cannot force LIFE to do anything either, although desperate people try all of the time.”

“Many will join from all faiths. The movement will be universal in quality, irrespective of religious orientation, serving what is in the highest interests of everyone concerned!

Everlasting life can become a reality here on Earth. Ascension and Planetary Transformation mean that everyone is of one mind, linked in conscious participation with LIFE. We emphasize that from this will come the ultimate unity that reverberates throughout the Cosmos!”


LIFE offered a surprisingly large amount of information about Ascension, even in the earliest days of our conversations. The sheer volume of Ascension material offered by LIFE during meditation suggested that it was of primary importance to Them, as well as to our present and future lives.

Ascension was a complete mystery to me then. I questioned it for a long time. Even though I accepted the resurrection of Christ, the concept of Ascension was a real mystery.


“There is an intentional element of mystery so that you do not try

to create an image of Ascension. Sometimes it is better that you do

not know what We intend. Otherwise, your eagerness would get in

Our way.”


LIFE is introducing a new idea that can become a worldwide movement irrespective of religious orientation. Everyone can become consciously aware of LIFE and LIFE’s Intent. They can participate with LIFE, the creator of all living beings, in a partnership that leads to Ascension. Everlasting LIFE can then be a reality here on Earth. No matter what name is given to LIFE energy, the reality remains the same. Planetary Transformation means that everyone is of one mind, linked in conscious participation with LIFE. We emphasize that from this will come the unity that reverberates throughout the Cosmos!”


The conditions are already met so that Ascension can be true for everyone. Nevertheless, even though We sustain you, LIFE cannot interfere with you without your permission.  Each person must give Us their assent, permitting Us to transform their lives into the state that Ascension requires.”


Ascension is not the same as perfection. Learn from your experiences, but do not be concerned with perfecting them. Change yourselves, not your experiences. Pursue unity and connection with Us, not perfection in your activities. Ascension involves mastering your connection with Our energy.”


“Being available is all We ask. We will supply the energy and

power to accomplish what Ascension brings. Your availability is Our greatest advantage to accomplish Ascension’s goals within you. Ascension is the one internal matter that counts in the end. External matters of everyday life merely reflect how you are doing in preparation for Ascension and your role in Planetary Transformation. We will guide you with all the knowledge and resources that are at Our disposal, which is a LOT! All you must do is follow. You know that following is easier said than done, but if you can do it, the prize is yours!”


“Become more observant under all circumstances. See everything! This leads you toward possibilities that were not                                               apparent before. New possibilities provide the basis for solutions that were not obvious. Just observe – notice what is taking place around you. Opening allows you to take in information that you would otherwise miss. Your intuitions will be piqued, and you will feel less limited. Your awareness will expand as a part of preparation for Ascension.”


“For Ascension, there is nothing left behind. Your whole being must change, your internals as well as externals. We are transforming all of you. Therefore, your entire being will be required to make major adjustments.”


“Ascension is not difficult for Us, but it does require that you have

the same certainty that We do, a knowing that Our omnipresence

is true. You will then ascend because of who We are.”


Preparation for Ascension means that all of you is transformed: Your Soul (your history), the body (physical cells), the mind (thinking and imagination), and the feelings (emotion and intuition). There is nothing left behind. Your whole being must change, your internals as well as externals. LIFE is transforming all of you. Therefore, your entire being will be required to make major adjustments. (See handout energy descriptions)


“It would help if your priority were Ascension; then everything else would take its place in the scheme of things. It would release you from obsessing about worrisome issues. By making Ascension your priority, the emotional force behind your worries will dissolve in the context of a universal perspective.”


“Your intent must be at the forefront of any act. Keeping your intentions foremost in your hearts is a new skill. A clear intent provides power that bends Our creative energy to accomplish the preferred end. Let nothing interfere with your clear intent; then you will benefit from the experience and be successful.


“Ascension requires renewal of your being, including everything about you. Having Ascension as central to your intent ensures this renewal. Dilly-dallying with Ascension will not take you there. It is an achievement beyond your imagination and requires an unusual amount of conviction, intent, and concentration. When you mean business, Ascension will happen.”


“How often is Ascension or Planetary Transformation your primary

reason for action? Expanded perspectives must drive you to act more often than momentary needs. Your physical bodies and their energies need grander motivations than merely daily maintenance. We do not minimize the importance of daily care. Your minds will be freer if daily maintenance is effective.”


“Make Ascension and Planetary Transformation motivating elements in your daily lives. Conceive every single step within each situation to develop in the most creative fashion possible. Expect everything to have the highest benefit for all concerned. You may be without the complex knowledge of what is required to do this but know that having a strong intent directs the creative energy of LIFE to see that the goal is accomplished.” (REPEAT)


By becoming the reasons that motivate action, you will succeed in your preparation for Ascension and Planetary Transformation. When everyone possesses this motivation, We will have accomplished Our mission. “Review your intent to have Ascension as a primary goal. As a secondary goal, Ascension will not occur. It must take center stage to be realized.”


“A new intent combines a motivation to accomplish a purpose with having the confidence to do it. Intent identifies with the phrase “I will,” which signifies the commitment to a cause with confidence. There is the feeling that a purpose must be accomplished!”


“Ascension is dependent on the capacity to manifest. To speed up the process, developing our ultimate unity is the key. The faster this occurs the faster manifestation will be a natural part of your life. Anything that accelerates unity helps achieve this goal faster.”


“How significant to you is achieving unity with LIFE? How important is Ascension to you? What priority does Ascension take in your lives? How strong is your intent? How determined are you? Your intent is key. Ascension must become an overriding value to you. Get serious about it, and then watch what happens. It cannot be icing on the cake or just an adjunct to your life. It must become central!


“The acceleration of your evolution depends on our connection so

that your energies are transformed sufficiently. Our mission must take priority over everything to succeed.”


“Your success will become Our success. The responsibility is great, but so is the power to do it, as well as the rewards for doing it. The connection between us is the priority, which must be well established for everything else to work. By remaining in close contact with Us, you will come to love yourself in ways that will heal you completely, called Ascension


“A new kind of love for Planetary Transformation also has to do with the way you love others. The lesson is to choose a solution to a given problem that is most helpful or least harmful to others, and in your own best interests.”


“To review again, there are two principles that We follow in the use of Our creative power. The first is to consider all possibilities, and the second is to creatively develop what is in the best interests of all”


“Look carefully at the decision-making process that We describe. It is a different way of thinking about and deciding how to use precious energy. Considering everyone is the key, for both satisfaction of current needs and preparing for future needs. This is one reason for encountering mini tests of your capacity to love.”


Loving yourself enough is the secret to Ascension. Being clear about what is important is primary. Everyone can become consciously aware of LIFE and LIFE’S intent. They can participate with LIFE, the Creator of all living beings, in a partnership that leads to Ascension.”


“Do not forget that your respect for and care of your bodies is essential to your health as well as to Our goals of Planetary Transformation and Ascension. Your daily responsibility is to maintain the health of your physical body. Wellness derives from doing what is best for the cellular health of your body in all ways. Wellness derives from loving our bodies enough to heal them.”


“There is a proclivity toward health within everyone, to which the intelligence of every cell of your body subscribes. All you must do is change your ways through awareness and choice, rather than by demand. Choosing an energy-wholeness perspective facilitates healing like nothing else!” (REPEAT)

“We supply Our energy for your bodies to use, the two being inseparable. When wellness is interrupted by distortions in your psychological or physical care, your bodies suffer, and functions deteriorate because Our LIFE energy is short-circuited.” (REPEAT)

“Maintain cooperative efforts with your physical bodies that respect their health need, by listening to their requests for assistance in maintaining their functions.”

“Your bodies are smart but can only flourish with your help. Ascension is dependent on the capacity of your body to manifest wholeness. Changing your bodies to meet the requirements of Ascension means healing their histories, with LIFE transforming them to the necessary energy standards. This makes unity with LIFE part of the Ascension process.

As we unify, LIFE reconstitutes your energy body, so that manifestation becomes a natural part of the process. You are then manifesting the very Energy and unity that we share. The key is to speed up the transformation process, by developing your ultimate unity with LIFE. The faster this occurs the faster manifestation of body transformation will be a natural part of your life. Anything that accelerates our unity helps achieve this goal faster.”


“Change (or transformation) stops for no one, in the same manner, that time stops for no one. The direction that transformation takes is either toward Life (biological Ascension) or toward Death (biological deterioration). This is the great polarity of living on Earth. Your intention is critical in turning the common trend around for yourselves.”


Intention is the name of the human game. Passionate yearnings give your intent its power. Remember the woman who touched the hem of Jesus’ garment. That was conscious involvement, an active, intentional effort on her part to draw His energy her way. Unfaltering intent defeats fear and obstacles, and failure is not possible.” (REPEAT)


“Your intent modifies the probabilities of a situation, selecting those that apply, eliminating those that do not. The intensity of your intent determines what probabilities mainly apply. However, intent produced by rising fear (self-doubt) has a diminishing effect on the probabilities. While some anxiety (concern) focuses your mind and provides intensity for motivation, panic weakens the influence of your intent on the probabilities.”


“In the transformation of your body, LIFE energy will support you in all respects. No more flagging, no more illness, no more aches, and pains, in fact, no more eating! No more sleeping! No more dying! This is what We call Ascension.”