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Brain Dynamics offers a wide array of services, including Brainwave Optimization™, psychological counseling, meditation training, clinical testing and EMDR. We offer services to all ages, including children (older than six years), teenagers and adults, as well as couples and families.Everything we do is designed and proven to support the well-being and health of your mind and brain and reduce challenges from:












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January 21, 2021


Good Morning, AJIJIC! What a beautiful day! One among the many! Glad to enjoy it with you. Before you leave this morning, be sure to pick up a Learning Aids handout and brochure from under the tree in the back. It will provide you with a clarifying example fromtoday’stalk. I […]
January 21, 2021


Good Morning, AJIJIC! Another beautiful day! One among the many! Glad to enjoy it with you. Please pick up a Learning Aids handout and brochure in the back. It will provide you with a guide for today’s talk. I thank Open Circle for the opportunity to share thoughts from 50 […]

Brainwave Optimization™

When you’re stressed, your brain can get stuck in its response to the stress – like a wheel in a rut in the road. Brainwave Optimization™ is a breakthrough technology that balances, harmonizes and optimizes your brain function. It creates new neural pathways and transforms your old thinking and behavior patterns.

The process is short-term and non-invasive and takes advantage of the brain’s natural tendency to deeply relax and calibrate itself without forcing it to change. It is the equivalent of holding up a mirror to your brain, showing it what’s not working well, and allowing the brain to retrain itself.

The Brainwave Optimization™ process is tailored for individual needs. Your unique brain waves are measured by using non-invasive electronic sensors, which detect the amount of energy radiating to your outer scalp from your cerebral cortex. The results are then assessed and mapped, culminating in personalized sessions that optimize your brain and body health. There is even a portable headset available that allows you to do sessions on your own schedule!

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Psychological Services

We offer psychological counseling, meditation training, clinical testing and EMDR for individuals, couples and families. You can set up a visit for traditional mental health therapy in person or via Skype and learn more about yourself through a Personal Energy Profile (PEP) or Myers-Briggs personality inventory (MBTI).

You may want to try EMDR, another form of psychotherapy, if you’ve had a disturbing life experience. Much like the body heals from a wound, EMDR can help you heal from the symptoms and emotional distress associated with an event.

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The Ascension Perspective

The Ascension Perspective reveals what you always wanted to know about this journey called life and what really matters on planet Earth. During years of profound meditations, Dr. Bennett received spiritual messages intended to prepare mankind for an imminent global transformation of our planet.

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Too Much, Too Little, Just Right

This book will show you:

  • How to stop making bad choices and start making good choices
  • How to transform your relationship with fear
  • How to stop extreme behavior and begin balanced living
  • How to see beyond your life as it is,to how your life can be

Karma Transformed: Fast-Track Your Evolution

For those interested in a conscious connection and unity, LIFE is shortcutting the ancient process--earlier conditioning from lives past, which has been retained and brought forward, called Karma. The pace of evolution can be greatly accelerated for all who open to LIFE. For the first time, the need for long-term cancellation of untoward effects on your soul from numerous previous lives can be eliminated quickly now. This replaces the influence of what was earlier called "natural laws" of Earth. Transformation of primeval Karma takes on new meaning. Learn all about it!


Get To Know Us!

Brain Dynamics is owned and operated by the husband/wife team of Dr. Kelly Randolph Bennett and Charlie Romney-Brown. The company started in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and moved to Cuenca, Ecuador. They are the only authorized Brainwave Optimization™ provider in South America.

Brain Dynamics offers flat hourly rates for its services, as well as packages and discounts for multiple visits or services. Special rates are also available for individuals, couples and families.

Dr. Kelly Randolph Bennett has a master’s degree in clinical psychology, a doctorate in developmental psychology, and a certification in EMDR. He has practiced for over 50 years in the United States, Australia, and Ecuador and is the author of two books. He was voted "Best Mental health Therapist 2017" on Gringo Post. Charlie Romney-Brown is a writer and poet, and her focus within the business is on promotion and marketing. Both are trained Brainwave Optimization™ Technologists.

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